Sunday, 2 December 2012


Hey everyone! this blog has a new home!


- Kayla

Thursday, 2 August 2012


I am having an amazing vacation week at home! It has been nice not worrying about children not listening to your instructions while riding 1,000 lb horses, and also not ducking their heads underwater during swimming lessons as you are about to teach them something. Instead, i have been working on a 1,000 piece puzzle reading a book, and playing on my new Macbook Pro 13". I am using it right now and i absolutely love it! I want to take it everywhere with me, but of course my mom nor my dad will let me bring it to school in the fall. I was literally screaming when i got back to the car with it, and i couldn't wait to get home to start using it. I was on the computer trying everything out all afternoon. I am still figuring things out as they are quite different from the typical HP computer.

The trackpad is probably one of the coolest features on the Macbook Pro. I will eventually get  a wireless mouse, but since i just got this i have no extra money to spend except on a 'Speck' case for my macbook, so that i don't dent or scratch it. I already have all of my photo's downloaded into it, and all of my documents, and anything else that i need.

I really wish i could just go onto Facebook and be like: i got a MACBOOK PRO !!!! but that would be really rude and in your face and everything that i do not do on Facebook. Only a few of my friends, i think only 3 or 4 at this point know that i got a macbook. It will be funny later on when other friends find out and are like 'Really?!?!" I can't wait to see the looks on their faces.

Now, sadly i only have a day and a half of family vacation left until i have to go back to the ranch. In that time, tomorrow we are visiting an old family friend, Ruth, Who is turning 90, and then once i get home, i have to clean out my room to move into my new room. My sister and i are switching rooms, again, so i am designing my new room again, and she gets my recently designed one. My new room will have three really light silver grey walls, and the 4th wall will be a vibrant orange. I already have the bed pillows, bed set, and valence for my room. We are painting a bed with drawers white to match the orange, purple, grey, dark pink theme. (mostly purple orange and neutral grey's though). All furniture hopefully will be white. I can't wait for it to be completed. Well i have to go to bed now as i have a busy day tomorrow and i have to wake up early. Toodle's old friends, and i will hopefully post more lovely thoughts soon :)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer 2012

Sorry it's been so long since my last postings! I have been busy working at Rocky Ridge Ranch. I am home all this week so expect a few postings this week! But for now I'll tell you some interesting things that have happened so far.

Well this summer i am riding Gizmo again, and he is getting better and better. Now on trails he has finally slowed down a bit instead of riding up the other horses' butts. In the corral i finally got him to do, after 3 or four trys, a trot reverse with a camper following me, and i was so happy! Also on the trails he will do just about anything i want him to! he will step over logs, go on the rough beside the trails, and he is a good sport about it too. His neck reining is getting there, he gets it, but i don't think he fully understands that he has to keep moving away from the pressure on his neck. I love him so much, and he has lost some of his porky belly, since i have been riding him all day 5 days a week. My legs though this week were quite sore, as his saddle is a bit hard on the seat bones.

Ok so i thought i would have time to write a bit more, but i don't feel like it right now, (sorry!) anywho... i gtg and do something other than be on the computer so that i don't pack on the pounds this week, because i have lost an inch or two on my hips and waist and i want to keep it that way. Adios amigos!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Going away for the Summer ...

Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry but excited to say i will be gone this summer at Rocky Ridge Ranch. :) but this means i will not be able to blog much, or at all during this time, as i will be working or doing civics and careers online summer school.  So i hope all of you have an amazing summer, and i will try to post at least once during mid summer. anywho... i have to go and pack my giant suitcase now, so adios!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

School is pretty much done...

Well I'm blogging from school today as nobody is here. I'm in busines right now as there are computers. We had our first and second class switched, and the first period class was lengthed because grade 12's had preliminary exams to do.

So, with the 7 people who were in my french class, we went down to the theatre to watch the grade 12's vocal exams. They were fantastic! Two guys had amazing voices, they were probably my favourite. One did a quartet with 3 other girls, and it was a funny song, very popular, i can't remeber the name though. Something, scabinksi? scaniski? i have no clue. I could be totally wrong too... Anyways the smaller guy who sang, he had the voice of almost an angel. He sang a duet with a really good girl, to alicia keys, and a song by John Mayer. The one by John mayer almost made me cry. It was something about dreaming about not having you or something like that.

While i was listeing to this, i also was joking around with Miss O'B, or actually called O'brien.

SCHOOL: Done :(
All this makes me think, Wow grade 9 went so fast, and i only have 3 years or so to go. It's sad that we only have 24 hours days as i want to do everything. I wanted to take Cosmo, art, music, vocals, and then maybe a play or so, and so many other things that i can't think of right now. I love this school, ONLY because of the people in it. Christ the King Catholic Secondaru School has the best teachers, they may be crazy and sometimes just plain wierd, but i guess i love everyone of them in some way.  Mr. Ray was the craziest art teacher i've ever had, he was climbing on desks, and running around the classroom some days. BUT he was proveing to us a point. Miss O'Brien is just like my mom. A classy lady, but with a kick of teenage spunk still in her. She is so nice and i could tell her anything and trust her with my secrets. Miss O'Toole (math teacher) is a really nice lady. I don't know her as well but she is really sweet older lady. Miss Oppedisano was another nice lady. She was a mix between Miss O'brien and Miss O'Toole. Mr. De Vries was a wierdo :P but if you weren't rude to him he wouldn't be rude back. Mr Coulas, my business teacher was really funny. He loves jelly beans and hockey. I could trust him as well.


Well this summer i am going to be at Rocky Ridge Ranch, volunteering, and I will still be doing soccer and working my butt off doing both. I will also be doing an online summer course, (civics and careers) as i wanted the 3rd elective. Well i have to go to another class soon, so have a great day whoever you are :)

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Had a fabulous time at woofstock in Toronto! (huge street market for dog owners and stuff ! ) I got Misha a few bones, and a rawhide stick, and i won a box of dog poo bags ! :P Now in about an hour i am going to go to a Stag & Doe bbq, for my nieghbour and close friend Leslie Davids! I will enter for the chance to win an Ipod touch! and all that other stuff :)

Also tonight i am going to sleep over at my friend Emma's house, and then tomorrow morning we are waking up uber early as we are doing a horse show at her barn. I am, of course, bringing all of my grooming equipment, and camera equipment to take tonnes of photos.

SPEAKING OF PHOTOS: here is a picture of Trish's dog Levi (i went with her to Woofstock) and his very rare and interesting blue eye.

Levi's Gorgeous Blue eye. His is the prettiest Boston Terrier Ever!

ALSO I just found a couple pictures i haven't put up from when i was helping my mom at work. They aren't really worthy to be on my Photography blog, but we'll see ;)

All the water dripping off the hanging flower pots !

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Crazy week... for good and bad.

Well here are some things ill be talking about this past week:
OVERFLOW - youth convention
Rocky Ridge Ranch
and Rylee my dog.
AND A Busy busy busy busy schedule for the next two weeks until school ends on the 20th. end of story :)

Last weekend i had a good time at a pentecostal youth convention called OVERFLOW in Waterloo, Ontario. It was a lot of fun. I went with my youth group from my church and we stayed at a hotel in Waterloo. I was dissapointed with the youth in my youth group as the ditched me and my friends Bella and Alisha the whole time we were there. They didn't really give any effort either to include us. Me and Bella tried to get them to at least talk to us, but whenever one person from their ' group' had to sit in the car me, bella, and alisha and shelly (youth pastors wife and she's really awesome too!) they would make faces the second they stepped into our car. But over all i like the message of the weekend with was to Remain in Christ, and as a pruner of trees prune's tree's so that they will bear more fruits, we as Christians must do the same.

Had an amazing weekend at the ranch, helping out and working in the barn. Gizmo was being a silly bum, just acting weird as normal. The cutest little girl who was a bit pudgy (fat) rode him (was being led by an adult though) and it was priceless. It leaves me feeling good every time i think about it. Anyways, it was a good weekend and i had some great laughs with my second family at the Ranch :)

well, sadly, when i got back from the ranch Rylee, my 15 yr old vizsla, was not doing to well. We ended up putting him down sunday night, about a couple of hours after i got home we put him down. I didn't go, but my other dog misha, was quite upset. Now i take her for about two walks a day, or more.

This past week, i just finished my english and French culminatings (to see if we learned anything, worth sometimes 15% of our total marks.) I still have to present for French. This week i have a job interview, going to my friends barn tomorrow for my 'horse fix'/photography fix, and its my dads birthday tomorrow. On Friday my parents and one of my friends parents are going out for dinner at THE KEG, so jealous, and leaving me and my friend and our siblings to chill out at her house and eat pizza and watch movies and stuff.

 -     I'm so excited for this. I love travelling and am used to flights and everything. i have never been to Europe, and am extremely excited to check off many things on my bucket list. (seeing the statue of David by Michelangelo... etc going to Florence, seeing beautiful and extraordinary architectural details, and scenery and mountains. EVERYTHING i love.... well i have to go now ill add more later.