Thursday, 2 August 2012


I am having an amazing vacation week at home! It has been nice not worrying about children not listening to your instructions while riding 1,000 lb horses, and also not ducking their heads underwater during swimming lessons as you are about to teach them something. Instead, i have been working on a 1,000 piece puzzle reading a book, and playing on my new Macbook Pro 13". I am using it right now and i absolutely love it! I want to take it everywhere with me, but of course my mom nor my dad will let me bring it to school in the fall. I was literally screaming when i got back to the car with it, and i couldn't wait to get home to start using it. I was on the computer trying everything out all afternoon. I am still figuring things out as they are quite different from the typical HP computer.

The trackpad is probably one of the coolest features on the Macbook Pro. I will eventually get  a wireless mouse, but since i just got this i have no extra money to spend except on a 'Speck' case for my macbook, so that i don't dent or scratch it. I already have all of my photo's downloaded into it, and all of my documents, and anything else that i need.

I really wish i could just go onto Facebook and be like: i got a MACBOOK PRO !!!! but that would be really rude and in your face and everything that i do not do on Facebook. Only a few of my friends, i think only 3 or 4 at this point know that i got a macbook. It will be funny later on when other friends find out and are like 'Really?!?!" I can't wait to see the looks on their faces.

Now, sadly i only have a day and a half of family vacation left until i have to go back to the ranch. In that time, tomorrow we are visiting an old family friend, Ruth, Who is turning 90, and then once i get home, i have to clean out my room to move into my new room. My sister and i are switching rooms, again, so i am designing my new room again, and she gets my recently designed one. My new room will have three really light silver grey walls, and the 4th wall will be a vibrant orange. I already have the bed pillows, bed set, and valence for my room. We are painting a bed with drawers white to match the orange, purple, grey, dark pink theme. (mostly purple orange and neutral grey's though). All furniture hopefully will be white. I can't wait for it to be completed. Well i have to go to bed now as i have a busy day tomorrow and i have to wake up early. Toodle's old friends, and i will hopefully post more lovely thoughts soon :)