Sunday, 2 December 2012


Hey everyone! this blog has a new home!


- Kayla

Thursday, 2 August 2012


I am having an amazing vacation week at home! It has been nice not worrying about children not listening to your instructions while riding 1,000 lb horses, and also not ducking their heads underwater during swimming lessons as you are about to teach them something. Instead, i have been working on a 1,000 piece puzzle reading a book, and playing on my new Macbook Pro 13". I am using it right now and i absolutely love it! I want to take it everywhere with me, but of course my mom nor my dad will let me bring it to school in the fall. I was literally screaming when i got back to the car with it, and i couldn't wait to get home to start using it. I was on the computer trying everything out all afternoon. I am still figuring things out as they are quite different from the typical HP computer.

The trackpad is probably one of the coolest features on the Macbook Pro. I will eventually get  a wireless mouse, but since i just got this i have no extra money to spend except on a 'Speck' case for my macbook, so that i don't dent or scratch it. I already have all of my photo's downloaded into it, and all of my documents, and anything else that i need.

I really wish i could just go onto Facebook and be like: i got a MACBOOK PRO !!!! but that would be really rude and in your face and everything that i do not do on Facebook. Only a few of my friends, i think only 3 or 4 at this point know that i got a macbook. It will be funny later on when other friends find out and are like 'Really?!?!" I can't wait to see the looks on their faces.

Now, sadly i only have a day and a half of family vacation left until i have to go back to the ranch. In that time, tomorrow we are visiting an old family friend, Ruth, Who is turning 90, and then once i get home, i have to clean out my room to move into my new room. My sister and i are switching rooms, again, so i am designing my new room again, and she gets my recently designed one. My new room will have three really light silver grey walls, and the 4th wall will be a vibrant orange. I already have the bed pillows, bed set, and valence for my room. We are painting a bed with drawers white to match the orange, purple, grey, dark pink theme. (mostly purple orange and neutral grey's though). All furniture hopefully will be white. I can't wait for it to be completed. Well i have to go to bed now as i have a busy day tomorrow and i have to wake up early. Toodle's old friends, and i will hopefully post more lovely thoughts soon :)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Summer 2012

Sorry it's been so long since my last postings! I have been busy working at Rocky Ridge Ranch. I am home all this week so expect a few postings this week! But for now I'll tell you some interesting things that have happened so far.

Well this summer i am riding Gizmo again, and he is getting better and better. Now on trails he has finally slowed down a bit instead of riding up the other horses' butts. In the corral i finally got him to do, after 3 or four trys, a trot reverse with a camper following me, and i was so happy! Also on the trails he will do just about anything i want him to! he will step over logs, go on the rough beside the trails, and he is a good sport about it too. His neck reining is getting there, he gets it, but i don't think he fully understands that he has to keep moving away from the pressure on his neck. I love him so much, and he has lost some of his porky belly, since i have been riding him all day 5 days a week. My legs though this week were quite sore, as his saddle is a bit hard on the seat bones.

Ok so i thought i would have time to write a bit more, but i don't feel like it right now, (sorry!) anywho... i gtg and do something other than be on the computer so that i don't pack on the pounds this week, because i have lost an inch or two on my hips and waist and i want to keep it that way. Adios amigos!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Going away for the Summer ...

Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry but excited to say i will be gone this summer at Rocky Ridge Ranch. :) but this means i will not be able to blog much, or at all during this time, as i will be working or doing civics and careers online summer school.  So i hope all of you have an amazing summer, and i will try to post at least once during mid summer. anywho... i have to go and pack my giant suitcase now, so adios!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

School is pretty much done...

Well I'm blogging from school today as nobody is here. I'm in busines right now as there are computers. We had our first and second class switched, and the first period class was lengthed because grade 12's had preliminary exams to do.

So, with the 7 people who were in my french class, we went down to the theatre to watch the grade 12's vocal exams. They were fantastic! Two guys had amazing voices, they were probably my favourite. One did a quartet with 3 other girls, and it was a funny song, very popular, i can't remeber the name though. Something, scabinksi? scaniski? i have no clue. I could be totally wrong too... Anyways the smaller guy who sang, he had the voice of almost an angel. He sang a duet with a really good girl, to alicia keys, and a song by John Mayer. The one by John mayer almost made me cry. It was something about dreaming about not having you or something like that.

While i was listeing to this, i also was joking around with Miss O'B, or actually called O'brien.

SCHOOL: Done :(
All this makes me think, Wow grade 9 went so fast, and i only have 3 years or so to go. It's sad that we only have 24 hours days as i want to do everything. I wanted to take Cosmo, art, music, vocals, and then maybe a play or so, and so many other things that i can't think of right now. I love this school, ONLY because of the people in it. Christ the King Catholic Secondaru School has the best teachers, they may be crazy and sometimes just plain wierd, but i guess i love everyone of them in some way.  Mr. Ray was the craziest art teacher i've ever had, he was climbing on desks, and running around the classroom some days. BUT he was proveing to us a point. Miss O'Brien is just like my mom. A classy lady, but with a kick of teenage spunk still in her. She is so nice and i could tell her anything and trust her with my secrets. Miss O'Toole (math teacher) is a really nice lady. I don't know her as well but she is really sweet older lady. Miss Oppedisano was another nice lady. She was a mix between Miss O'brien and Miss O'Toole. Mr. De Vries was a wierdo :P but if you weren't rude to him he wouldn't be rude back. Mr Coulas, my business teacher was really funny. He loves jelly beans and hockey. I could trust him as well.


Well this summer i am going to be at Rocky Ridge Ranch, volunteering, and I will still be doing soccer and working my butt off doing both. I will also be doing an online summer course, (civics and careers) as i wanted the 3rd elective. Well i have to go to another class soon, so have a great day whoever you are :)

Saturday, 9 June 2012


Had a fabulous time at woofstock in Toronto! (huge street market for dog owners and stuff ! ) I got Misha a few bones, and a rawhide stick, and i won a box of dog poo bags ! :P Now in about an hour i am going to go to a Stag & Doe bbq, for my nieghbour and close friend Leslie Davids! I will enter for the chance to win an Ipod touch! and all that other stuff :)

Also tonight i am going to sleep over at my friend Emma's house, and then tomorrow morning we are waking up uber early as we are doing a horse show at her barn. I am, of course, bringing all of my grooming equipment, and camera equipment to take tonnes of photos.

SPEAKING OF PHOTOS: here is a picture of Trish's dog Levi (i went with her to Woofstock) and his very rare and interesting blue eye.

Levi's Gorgeous Blue eye. His is the prettiest Boston Terrier Ever!

ALSO I just found a couple pictures i haven't put up from when i was helping my mom at work. They aren't really worthy to be on my Photography blog, but we'll see ;)

All the water dripping off the hanging flower pots !

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Crazy week... for good and bad.

Well here are some things ill be talking about this past week:
OVERFLOW - youth convention
Rocky Ridge Ranch
and Rylee my dog.
AND A Busy busy busy busy schedule for the next two weeks until school ends on the 20th. end of story :)

Last weekend i had a good time at a pentecostal youth convention called OVERFLOW in Waterloo, Ontario. It was a lot of fun. I went with my youth group from my church and we stayed at a hotel in Waterloo. I was dissapointed with the youth in my youth group as the ditched me and my friends Bella and Alisha the whole time we were there. They didn't really give any effort either to include us. Me and Bella tried to get them to at least talk to us, but whenever one person from their ' group' had to sit in the car me, bella, and alisha and shelly (youth pastors wife and she's really awesome too!) they would make faces the second they stepped into our car. But over all i like the message of the weekend with was to Remain in Christ, and as a pruner of trees prune's tree's so that they will bear more fruits, we as Christians must do the same.

Had an amazing weekend at the ranch, helping out and working in the barn. Gizmo was being a silly bum, just acting weird as normal. The cutest little girl who was a bit pudgy (fat) rode him (was being led by an adult though) and it was priceless. It leaves me feeling good every time i think about it. Anyways, it was a good weekend and i had some great laughs with my second family at the Ranch :)

well, sadly, when i got back from the ranch Rylee, my 15 yr old vizsla, was not doing to well. We ended up putting him down sunday night, about a couple of hours after i got home we put him down. I didn't go, but my other dog misha, was quite upset. Now i take her for about two walks a day, or more.

This past week, i just finished my english and French culminatings (to see if we learned anything, worth sometimes 15% of our total marks.) I still have to present for French. This week i have a job interview, going to my friends barn tomorrow for my 'horse fix'/photography fix, and its my dads birthday tomorrow. On Friday my parents and one of my friends parents are going out for dinner at THE KEG, so jealous, and leaving me and my friend and our siblings to chill out at her house and eat pizza and watch movies and stuff.

 -     I'm so excited for this. I love travelling and am used to flights and everything. i have never been to Europe, and am extremely excited to check off many things on my bucket list. (seeing the statue of David by Michelangelo... etc going to Florence, seeing beautiful and extraordinary architectural details, and scenery and mountains. EVERYTHING i love.... well i have to go now ill add more later.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Issues, and Overflow...

I'm Skipping school today (with parental permission) as i am packing/getting ready for Overflow Youth Convention in Waterloo. I'm somewhat excited, as i know I'll have lots of fun, but on the other hand i don't want to go. In the past year our church has been going through a lot of changes, such as pastors, and ways we do things. And the youth were not happy about this. I didn't know anything about their issues with the church until i talked to my like only friend at church, Bella. She is our pastor's daughter, and probably the only one i cna talk to at church cause i have no friends at church except for adults. Anyways, i'm none too happy that pretty much everyone in the youth group is at odds, and it's me and Bella against the rest. So we are only getting 3 rooms, 1 for all the boys, and 2 for the girls. which sucks, cause if they all don't wanna be in one room, they will have to share with me and Bella and our girl leader. And i don't think i'll feel comfortable worshiping with everyone cause i just don't feel comfortable around them! Like if i'm not comfortable, i ain't doing anything.

So what I'd rather be doing this weekend is going to the ranch and helping out, they probably give me a better Christian environment than the kids at my youth group. I would've been riding Gizmo :) but not, im stuck tolerating people i disprove of.

Well trying to pack my suitcase right now, i have no clue what to bring because the weather is being wacky ... it's supposed to be hot today, but its pretty chilly... its 13* C right now, and its supposed to be a high of 21*C, but there's no sun out right now. The weekend is supposed to be pretty hot when i checked the weather reports : Saturday is supposed to be a high of 29*C, and Sunday is supposed to be roughly the same. I'll probably pack short shorts (not the slutty variety :P ) and some t-shirts cause you can never go wrong with those, and a couple of different thickness of sweaters. I will most likely have the largest suitcase, as i have issues with packing cause i always pack for ANYTHING. like if something happens i will be prepared. I have always been that way with packing. I can't take just enough, cause i always need something that i forgot if i do that. Anyway, i got to get back to work, so i'll give you an overview of the weekend on monday ! HAPPY LONG WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2012


I think I'm officially addicted to walking. I walk to school, which is 30mins, and back which is somehow 40 mins ... funny.  and then i take my younger dog, misha, for an hour walk. I walk pretty fast and its just a bit over 3 km/h to my school and i walk that twice a day usually. So i took my dog for a lovely stroll, and found this path through a tiny forest and it is lovely at sunset (when i walk usually). so yah , here's one of the pictures i took this afternoon :)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Random stuff as i am bored :P

So this weekend is Overflow! I'm so excited ! but i'm missing out of going to the ranch this weekend because of it so I'm upset. I really Really REALLY wanna go to the ranch and see Gizzie :) anywho just found this pic that is so funny :)

OH YOU KNOW YOU SANG IT > :P im so bored and tired right now it's kinda funny :P

Well in english today at school, i was acting like a total crazy, and totally bugging my friend Elissa, (sorry bro) :P, and flirting with the guy who sits beside me, and i think i like him ;) tell you guys about that another time.

AND THEN: i saw this Picture and i totally agree with it. Everyone always tells me my dreams aren't gonna happen. I FREAKEN LOVE LOVE Lov e LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVVVVEEEE HORSES. I just can't get enough of them. I like can't get enough of them. My room has quite a few horse posters, and horse paintings that I've done...

I would love to be a perfessional horse groom, or barn manager, or just whatever job i can get around horses. I actually volunteer alot of my time to either help my friend doing her horses braids, (im not braiding but now i can do a wicked tail braid ;) and I'm trying to perfect my mane braids as well. She is also teaching me some things in return, as she lets me photograph her riding lessons, and teaches me some english things as i was originally taught western riding by Rocky Ridge Ranch where i volunteer.
(Link to RRR -

But yah, my mom says don't go for the groom/braider jobs because they will make you wake up early, and probably not that good of paycheck yada yada, but If I'm happy where I'm working, DOES IT REALLY MATTER?!? but yah :)  just wanted to say that :)

LIVE BY THIS MOTTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sorry about all the ranting :S

Yah, it seems i like to rant a lot on this blog. So if you don't like it, go check out my pictures on my other blog, .

So I think i might start having to bring a camera with my on my morning walks to school, because when i walk to school at 7:25 almost every morning now, there is dew, and the sun will shine and it highlights the grass quite nicely :) I'm just to chicken to not care what other people think so i probably won't ;).

any-who I've had a lot of tests this week, Math, French, and English so I'm quite anxious to get my marks back :) i know i did well on English, but math and french i'm kinda of worried. So my mom wouldn't let me go to the barn with my friend, so i couldn't take any photos, and i couldn't go tonight because it is her mother's B-day ! so yah, i'm probably going to chill tonight, read my book "city of ashes" and call it a night early or have a shower. any-who farewell ! :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Rough weeks...

The past weeks for me have been kind of rough. I've been rude to, and been talked to rudely by many,  people. I've been paranoid about everything, snapping at my family, and just fed up with everything. This weekend i was asked twice (by my dad and sis, and by my friend) to go to see a movie with them, and i refused both. I don' t feel like doing anything, nothing really makes me smile, and everything tastes like bland rice.

Taking it out on others...

I feel bad because I don't want to hurt the people I am. I was mad at my parents, and i took it out via text messages at one of my friends. I hurt her feelings, when i wasn't even mad at her. I apologized that night, explaining the situation to her. Thank God she is a nice friend, and forgave me. The next day i texted her thanking her for being such a nice friend to me.

Then today, i was out for lunch with my friends, and we just had an assembly about the r-word: retard. My friends wouldn't decide on ANYTHING. It was so frustrating because i'm used to: okay, we are going to ------ and getting ----- and sitting --------. BUT NO! they are standing there for five minutes trying to make a decision, and I'm getting more pissed off by the second. I swear, if i hadn't kept my mouth shout and literally gone silent all lunch, i would have lost it. One other thing; i detest people asking me if i'm okay, or upset. Think about it people! I'm sorry but if you don't have ANY clue in whats got me upset, you don't know me well. It sucked because i couldn't go off and leave them, because i couldn't of anyone else to go and spontaneously go and have lunch with, in the middle of lunch.

I was so afraid of being embarrassed i stayed there, but i physically showed i was pissed off, by being quiet and terse with my answers to their questions.

SO Many Things on My weeeeee lil' mind...
It's funny, they always say, don't judge a book by its cover. So people, don't judge me because lately i have been cranky, paranoid, anxious and probably everything included in depression. I have a lot of unspoken responsibility at home. My mother is so busy at work to pay for the bills, because her and dad don't share that responsibility. So its not my fault. SO while my mother is at work, there is no one to keep the house clean, unless we are expecting visitors (which means a mass 'quick clean' by me and mom.) but our house is pretty messy if you ask me. It's mostly clutter, and papers, and stuff we don't need.

 Any-who, there are not enough hours for all the things i KNOW i need to do. I have my school work first of all to do. Then i have to  try and make sure the kitchen is clean. then make sure the dogs are happy, and try to keep tidy the front entrance and the rest of the house. And then if i have to, i might do the dog poo in the backyard, or walk the dogs. Then their is piano to practice, otherwise my piano teacher and my mother will be not impressed because piano lessons, and the drive to Oakville are expensive. Then i like to volunteer at Rocky Ridge Ranch, but i need money to pay for paints/ horse stuff/ or other things i need/want, so i sometimes ill go and work at my mom's work in the office and do filing or whatever, and get paid for it so i can pay my phone bill. And then there's laundry and many other things.

^ i could probably write a book on the things i know i need to do to help my mother out. (as the other two in my house are somewhat incapable.) people think I'm 'over emphasizing' or whatever, but place yourself in my shoes. Try to think about what i think about on a daily basis.

AND THEN - there's me trying to lose a few pounds so that maybe, i might feel a little bit less self conscious. It might help now in a horrible way that food doesn't look appetizing or whatever. (no I'm not going and starving myself, ill just eat less food than i usually do, which was quite a bit in the first place)
But I've been trying to loose this horrible muffin top for FOREVER. I'll just try to stay out of the cupboard and cut down my portions. And instead of eating sweet candy all the time, I'll try to eat very sweet fruits, because to me they give you the same sugar-rush. Only candy makes you feel full, but fruit is very light compared to candy.

Well I'm almost of of things to rant about. Sorry about that People! I'm just frustrated with my state right now, so bear with me... ttyl.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Crazy Construction at the Craig's

Concrete Driveway Removal = Earthquake:

So, our neighbors were deciding to to do their driveways, and we joined in and decided we were going to get ours done too. But, compared to our neighbors, our old driveway was concrete, while theirs was asphalt. They also got their front and back walkways done, while our whole front walkway was removed, and our side walkway also. 
Any-who......... They arrived the first morning at 7am!!! and to the displeasure of our neighbors, THEY STARTED JACK-HAMMERING THE END OF OUR DRIVEWAY! after they did a little section of one of the (probably) 2m by 2m concrete slabs, they use a bob-cat, and lift it up. Then they DROP IT. Our whole house vibrated, and kinda shook. (later on we apologized to our next door neighbor, because she has younger children and we probably woke them up). They did this for the whole driveway. It was quite interesting. By the time i left they had ripped up the whole driveway, and it wasn't even 8am. 

So, how do we get into/out of our house?!?!?!:

The next day our front patio was still setting (concrete), so we couldn't walk on it. Before we even got the chance to leave the house, they start pouring the side walkway. WHICH MEANS - we were kinda trapped in our home, because we have no door in the garage, therefore trapped !. So we called our neighbor behind us, which my little sister is friends with, and we asked if we could jump the fence in-between us. (it is like a 3ft fence). So being a wonderful neighbors, they put a step stool on their side and we did the same, so that my mother wouldn't wipe out. (she used to have MS, but now barely has any symptoms, so she doesn't have great balance anymore.) It was kinda funny cause it felt like we were doing a secret mission for the next couple of days. :

OVERALL: the front is looking even better than it did before, which is nice. My mom, being an amazing landscaper, will make it look even better with some potted plants, and her habiscus plants that are already in the front garden. The only thing is we might take out the giant spruce tree right next to the driveway, because when they put in the concrete French curbing for our driveway, they had to kill a couple pretty big roots. I will put a couple photos up when its done!

Now to something else.....
My little sister Krista and my mom just left to go to a G.E.M.S. night for mother's day. I have  NO CLUE what to make my mother. (she likes gifts made by us). I was thinking a painting, but I don't really know what I'd paint. She loves flowers, but i don't know which our i would paint. She loves this type of flower in Australia, its purple, but i personally think its quite Ugly ... maybe a water lily, or something peaceful to hang in her office, amidst the chaos. :P

Oh well, ill figure that out later :P for now, im going to take a nice nap because im really tired even though i took the day off school. Toodaloo!

I got my supplies from Greenhawk equestrian supplies! i got a good looking dandy brush (not as firm as i would have liked it, but i can always get a better one) a body brush, braiding hook, tonnes of tiny braiding elastics, braiding comb, and curry comb. So excited ! I showed my horse friend, Emma, and she loved it! well that's all for now ! thanks for all the views on my blogs! i appreciate it, and feel free to comment ! 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cleaning day!

I had an AMAZING WEEKEND this week. I hung out with like 5 of my friends, and had a sleepover with another. I also went and saw "the Lucky One" with a friend and nearly cried. It is a really good movie and i suggest you should go watch it :) .

Right now me, my mom, and my little sister are all cleaning, and doing yard-work. I was just taking a  rest from cleaning the kitchen, while my mom is mowing the lawns. I cleaned my room, and Thursday i cleaned the family room too. So now I'm trying to finish cleaning the kitchen and living room before my dad gets home.

I AM LAUGHING RIGHT NOW: because as I'm typing, im listening to my mother run over rocks with the lawn mower. (That's how she BROKE THE LAST ONE) What a silly mother :P  Here's our pond in our backyard looking lovely. The waterfall isn't working right now so all we have is the fountain thingy.

Well i have piano on Monday, so hopefully that goes well, I'm going to order some grooming supplies from "Greenhawk Equestrian supplies" (because i need/want really badly to learn how to do hunter braids, and pinwheels, and other things, because i need to make some money somehow. )I'll probably order everything, because almost all items at Greenhawk are on sale, so i could get a Dandy brush for 4$ or a hoof pick for 1$ so I'm pretty siked. I also am probably going to hang out with my horse friend, Emma and practice my hunter braids on her pony. I've got some assignments due as well, also maybe some tests. I will post new PHOTOS on my other blog, "Flying High Photography" quite soon. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Best Friends:

Today my bestie, since we were 8 months old, Elissa came over after school because i felt like inviting her over. At four we had to go to a meeting at our old Elementary school about french; like how we were doing, and what they need to improve on. So we went, gave our input, yada yada, (i almost fell asleep) and then she came to my house for a short while until her dad came to pick her up.

So we are in my basement, and fooling around, poking each other, and laughing our heads off. We were being totally rude and slapping each other sometimes on the butt or our chests.

I'm like, "if anyone saw us right now and didn't know we were best friends might think we are gay,"
and Elissa's like , " BEST FRIENDS = LESBIAN LOVERS !!!" i nearly died laughing cause it is so true, best friends do act like lesbians sometimes to their other best friend.


(i just had to share that funny story with you :)

Monday, 23 April 2012

New Guitar ! :)

Well, I'm now going to have to learn how to play the guitar :) My friend Bethany dropped of this gorgeous Yamaha Guitar off today. I love it! will have to learn how to tune it, but its a start. I can't wait to learn the chords. Here's a picture ! a couple of tiny dents on it but its quite nice.
My new Guitar ! 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Getting a guitar!

One of my adult friends at church was getting rid of a guitar. She asked my friend Bella first, and because Bella already has a baby Taylor, she turned down the offer. So she asked me, because one time i said that i always wanted to learn to play the guitar. So i am officially going to have my own guitar! :) I'm so excited ! It'll be another instrument that i will learn, but i wont take lessons. I'll just teach myself, because I'm already taking piano lessons once a week, and I try to practice for at least a couple hours a week already for piano, as I play Grade 8 classical piano (not like keyboarding like people in bands, stuff like Beethoven, and Bach)

I will post a picture of my new guitar when I get it, and a picture of my Piano, as I love it dearly. It is an old piano, but with a unique sound to it. (it is in tune) But it has a deep rich quality of sound to it. 

I will have a couple of tests to study for this week so i may not be posting much this week. 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

More photos from the B-day Party :)

My FAVOURITE Picture of Gizmo yet <3 Love you buddy :)

My and Lil' Sisters B-day Party at the Ranch

So yesterday, April 18th, me and my little sister had a shared B-day party. My little sister and her friends came later, because their school ends later than our school. So me and my friends got changed at school and went straight away to the ranch.

We went in the corral first, (well after Bill explained everything to my friends what we were doing, ) and then after that refreshing of how to ride your horse, we went out onto a nice long trail. We didn't see any deer, but it was a really fun time :) I almost never go horse back-riding with my friends, so it was a nice treat. ALSO because it was such an amazingly beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky yet, it wasn't hot :)

Here are some pictures of me and my friends having some fun !
Me on Gizmo :)

If your wondering what he's doing, i dont really know... i think he's pooping, but he might be doing his coughing, and tooting thingy again ;)

My friends Elissa on Storm (left), and Kristina on Ripper (right), Ripper is somewhat famous at the Ranch, because he's been featured at a music video filmed at Rocky Ridge Ranch, called 'Fly Robin' by Amy Savin. (GO CHECK IT OUT!)

Elissa on Storm again 
Emma on Saige :) she's cheating a bit here and riding Saige English not western because Saige can do both.

Me on Gizzie again.

As you can see from this picture, Gizmo is not a purebred :P He's a funny looking one, but cute nonetheless.

Sophia on Echo

This is Bill on Moira

All of us coming back from the trail ride.

heading back to the barn.


Us all fooling around in our cowboy hats :)

Us trying, and failing to do the can-can properly :)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gizmo :)

Well just spent a lovely weekend at Rocky Ridge Ranch, and I rode Gizmo each ride. He was acting and behaving better than expected on the first day, but the second day, he was acting up, and when i went to get on him, he would start walking away. So i would have to spin him around until he decided he would stand still. I like that he doesn't try to go for the grass when we are on trail rides, cause then its one less thing i have to worry about. But i figured out over the summer that he LOVES Crabbe apples, so whenever we pass under a tree, he always tries to get them off the ground.
He was still not listening to me to get him to walk faster in the corral, but out on the trails, he speeds up quite a bit. He's responding much better to turning signals, when before he would just keep walking wherever he tried to go. Another thing he does is if there is mud, or puddles, he will try to avoid them at all costs, or try to run through them. SO i have to hold him back, or encourage him to go forward as much as possible.

He's my buddy and i love him dearly :) Overall it was a fun weekend. I tried to run Bill (barn manager) over with Gizmo, while there was a group. Gizmo walked right up to him, bumped his nose into him, and then stopped after almost pushing Bill over. (had a good chuckle after that :P )

On the second day, we had just brought all the horses that we needed in and they were all tied up in the barn, (because we don't have stalls, we tie them up to the walls, and then we have a center aisle) he was scratching, so i grabbed a really hard brush and scratched that spot for him. HIS FACE WAS HILARIOUS!!!!! he did this: he stretched out his neck, showed the edges of his back teeth, and stretched out his lips. I used my nails instead to scratch him and he looked like he was in heaven. It's nice that i have to the time when i'm there to groom him myself, and tack him up most of the time.

Well, time for me to get ready for school tomorrow, and prepare for the interesting week ahead: dentists, horseback-riding birthday party at the ranch, and math test ....

Friday, 13 April 2012

Volunteer time!

Guess where I'm going this weekend!
Oh my goodness I'm so happy because I get to see Gizmo, my most favorite pony/horse in the worldJ. I'd describe him as a 'Fat' or almost 'pit -pony' type build, and he has huge hindquarters, and short stocky legs, and a short neck but large head. He is still being taught regular horse manners, like when I lead him around on the ground to the trough that he listens to my commands, instead of keep walking and dragging me along. Or like when I’m riding him, he has a funny habit of RUNNING OVER PYLONS! It’s so embarrassing when he does that too, because the instructor is telling the campers to do things, and then theirs me, a staff member, not able to get her horse to cooperate.

Oh, another funny habit he has, (partially not a habit, but he created it a habit.) is that whenever I get on him, and start heading down to the arena, he starts reaching his head down and coughing. At first I found it hilarious, because he…. he farts sometimes while he is coughing. Yes, horses do and can fart. Now, me and Bill (the barn manager, instructor) both think he does that to try to get out of working, and while he coughs, he will slow down to the slowest walk imaginable, it’s like slow motion. Even the slowest horse we have had to pass us sometimes.

But overall, I LOVE that pony to death. He’s a good ‘bad’ for me. I’ve learned so much from riding him. If I’d just been given, or chosen an easy horse that I know how to ride, I wouldn’t have learned how to control a horse as well as I can now. I’m not saying I’m the best rider, and i know I have A LOT more to learn. But as I keep riding Gizmo, I can say he is improving his skills, and so am IJ.
Me on Gizmo :)
Gizzie's lovely face, he can pick out a camera anywhere; and He'll always look right at it.

Gizzie in a field with his buddies!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Facebook Cover Photos..

Ok so i just switched to Timeline, JUST so that i could have the cover photo. But the only problem i find i am having now is that i can't decide which photo i should use! i have so many!!! i have ones of Gizmo, pretty ones of other horses, gorgeous sunsets, and many other photos i have taken !

You know what??? i think that every day I'll have a new cover photo on Facebook. there its settled :P

Walking home stories...

Story #1 - Guy gets 'shocked'

Well, today, after I had walked to my friends house to drops off some notes, I start walking the rest of the way to my house later on. As I'm walking up the hill with a bridge over the train tracks, i notice a man walking his dog. They were walking near a electrical pole, no big deal right? The man just steps over a bit to his right, and suddenly he jumps up, and flails his arms. He didn't scream or anything, but then he yanks his dog, and his dog goes over the same spot he did. (I was still walking, and checking to make sure he was alright) The dog also does a little jump over the spot. The guy and the dog stepped back aways.. I look where they had been shocked, and there was a green electrical wire running down the side of the pole, but it wasn't tied into the ground. the end was sticking up and lying on the ground. As i was coming closer to it, i made sure i stayed quite a ways away from it, cause i was afraid I might get shocked as well. The guy looked a little startled, but i think he's ok.

MY Thoughts...
But the question i can't get out of my mind is why would that wire not be tied to the ground? They have been doing some construction on the tracks and might be adding new ones, but i don't think they would change the electrical wires for that. Maybe it just broke but I don't really know. I think I'll get my mom to call it in to the town or whatever, so that it doesn't happen again. It's funny, you see this stuff happen on television and you think its not truly realistic, but it is. I remember reading in the Toronto Star, that a couple of people in Toronto with their dogs got electrocuted by some underground wires leaking because they weren't hooked up properly. I would find it quite interesting to find out how many times this happens to people. I've seen wires personally that haven't been put in properly, or the outside has been damaged. Shouldn't these things be fixed before stuff like this guy getting shocked be prevented? I know I'm young but if that would have been me in the guy's place, i would have FLIPPED OUT. If he would have been hurt, I don't know, I'd be so scared.
Well that's my scare for the day.

Monday, 9 April 2012

I officially hate dentists... but my skin is flawless!

~Warning ~ RANT ALERT :P

Well... it turns out i have two cavities... wooopy. I have NEVER had a cavity before and now i have two cavities, and a broken wire in my mouth because the stupid dentist was cleaning my teeth improperly. The lady was picking the plaque off of my teeth and she wasn't even trying to be careful around the wire on the back of my front teeth on the top and bottom. She ended up pulling one side of it right out of the cement glue, and afterwards was like "oh ya, the wire's loose, you should get it fixed" OH I wanted to scream at her, because i already knew it was loose. I just ran my tongue around my mouth, and i just cut the underside on the wire. I am so unimpressed. I told my mom, and she asked me what the lady looked like. I explained to her and she said that that lady had done something like that to her to. Now she refuses to let her touch her teeth. SAME HERE MOM!

So ya, sorry for that rant but It's not at all fair if somebody totally wrecks the wire that would've lasted another week or two if she hadn't of played with it.

 well I did something i haven't done in a while, i wore no makeup today at all. All i wore was a pair of earrings because i never leave the house without any bling. It felt nice wearing no makeup and it makes me feel a bit free. It also helps because it lets the pores breath a bit, instead of being all clogged up in foundation and eye shadows and concealers. But my frowns and scowls from being pissed off that I had cavities probably made me a bit ugly. I even made an old person raise his eyebrows at me because i looked so mad. See, that's a problem i have. I have major madness management issues. I've maybe put a hole in a wall or two, or sprained my wrist, but not from hurting somebody, just myself. It makes it easier to get rid of the anger, Instead of screaming. It gets the heat out, even if i have to bang my fist against my loft bed a few times, and even if it hurts. But when I'm really upset, which has only happened twice, i put a remote through a wall, and the second time, my fist. BUT AFTERWARDS I TOTALLY REGRETTED IT. Because now i will have to live with that hole in the bathroom wall near the door for a while until it gets fixed.

well i have to print off some assignments now, and go post some Photos on my other blog. :) Don't worry, just for you guys I'll refrain from more holes in the walls.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Some Quotes I like...

The above is so TRUE! today i was dress in nice clothes cause me and my family went out to church, and then i got home and put on the most comfortable sweater and sweat pants, and i loosened my pony tails, and yah :)

Easter fever... not

Well today was an interesting day today. I actually woke up on time, which for me, is quite rare as a teenager so I had plenty of time to get ready for church. To be totally honest to whoever is reading this, I didn't feel like i was engaged in the church service today at my church. I normally go to church every Sunday, and I usually am involved and singing, and paying attention. But today, I don't know what happened, but i had no desire to worship today. I just stood there, hoping for something to spark me, and did nothing. We had a baptism service today. Nothing really interesting happened at church. And it saddens me to say that. I Don't know why I'm telling whoever is out there this anyway.

Anyway, I painted roughly 3 new paintings today, well i finished one from the other day, and I am working on two abstract pieces. I have no idea what got into me... but i started working on this painting of ... ME. It wasn't realistic, but i just painted. it is very abstract in my mind. It has quite dark colours, with blocks of colours covering the mouth and eyes, and they i painted eyes on the top. But yah...

At least this Easter i got to have CHOCOLATE! See I've been trying to control my diet, to stay away from candy, but i get such bad cravings that i just can't resist. I could probably eat more candy than 3 of my friends. Well i need to get an english report finished, which will take me a while. Adios amigos!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

There's a saying...

Well here it goes. There's a saying that says: "Dont compare your life to others, you have no idea what their journey is about. " I think that says a lot. My journey right now is finding out where I belong in this world, what career I should strive for, and to have fun. A lot of other teenagers might say: my journey is about finding a boyfriend, or passing high-school, or something else that may not be important. But there are the few out there that have amazing journey's that they want to go on, but they don't have the time, energy or skills to start that journey. I want to start a journey right now, by starting these two blogs that I have : The Flying By Life of a Teen, and Flying High Photography. I want to express my own views of life, of each day. SO from now on, I will try to document everyday, an interesting event in my life, and tell it from my view. It sounds kinda stupid right now but I hope it works out!