Wednesday, 20 June 2012

School is pretty much done...

Well I'm blogging from school today as nobody is here. I'm in busines right now as there are computers. We had our first and second class switched, and the first period class was lengthed because grade 12's had preliminary exams to do.

So, with the 7 people who were in my french class, we went down to the theatre to watch the grade 12's vocal exams. They were fantastic! Two guys had amazing voices, they were probably my favourite. One did a quartet with 3 other girls, and it was a funny song, very popular, i can't remeber the name though. Something, scabinksi? scaniski? i have no clue. I could be totally wrong too... Anyways the smaller guy who sang, he had the voice of almost an angel. He sang a duet with a really good girl, to alicia keys, and a song by John Mayer. The one by John mayer almost made me cry. It was something about dreaming about not having you or something like that.

While i was listeing to this, i also was joking around with Miss O'B, or actually called O'brien.

SCHOOL: Done :(
All this makes me think, Wow grade 9 went so fast, and i only have 3 years or so to go. It's sad that we only have 24 hours days as i want to do everything. I wanted to take Cosmo, art, music, vocals, and then maybe a play or so, and so many other things that i can't think of right now. I love this school, ONLY because of the people in it. Christ the King Catholic Secondaru School has the best teachers, they may be crazy and sometimes just plain wierd, but i guess i love everyone of them in some way.  Mr. Ray was the craziest art teacher i've ever had, he was climbing on desks, and running around the classroom some days. BUT he was proveing to us a point. Miss O'Brien is just like my mom. A classy lady, but with a kick of teenage spunk still in her. She is so nice and i could tell her anything and trust her with my secrets. Miss O'Toole (math teacher) is a really nice lady. I don't know her as well but she is really sweet older lady. Miss Oppedisano was another nice lady. She was a mix between Miss O'brien and Miss O'Toole. Mr. De Vries was a wierdo :P but if you weren't rude to him he wouldn't be rude back. Mr Coulas, my business teacher was really funny. He loves jelly beans and hockey. I could trust him as well.


Well this summer i am going to be at Rocky Ridge Ranch, volunteering, and I will still be doing soccer and working my butt off doing both. I will also be doing an online summer course, (civics and careers) as i wanted the 3rd elective. Well i have to go to another class soon, so have a great day whoever you are :)

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