Saturday, 9 June 2012


Had a fabulous time at woofstock in Toronto! (huge street market for dog owners and stuff ! ) I got Misha a few bones, and a rawhide stick, and i won a box of dog poo bags ! :P Now in about an hour i am going to go to a Stag & Doe bbq, for my nieghbour and close friend Leslie Davids! I will enter for the chance to win an Ipod touch! and all that other stuff :)

Also tonight i am going to sleep over at my friend Emma's house, and then tomorrow morning we are waking up uber early as we are doing a horse show at her barn. I am, of course, bringing all of my grooming equipment, and camera equipment to take tonnes of photos.

SPEAKING OF PHOTOS: here is a picture of Trish's dog Levi (i went with her to Woofstock) and his very rare and interesting blue eye.

Levi's Gorgeous Blue eye. His is the prettiest Boston Terrier Ever!

ALSO I just found a couple pictures i haven't put up from when i was helping my mom at work. They aren't really worthy to be on my Photography blog, but we'll see ;)

All the water dripping off the hanging flower pots !


  1. Kayla! Love the blog... especially enjoying your amazing photography!

  2. Thanks so much! :) I love your blog too! ;)