Friday, 18 May 2012

Issues, and Overflow...

I'm Skipping school today (with parental permission) as i am packing/getting ready for Overflow Youth Convention in Waterloo. I'm somewhat excited, as i know I'll have lots of fun, but on the other hand i don't want to go. In the past year our church has been going through a lot of changes, such as pastors, and ways we do things. And the youth were not happy about this. I didn't know anything about their issues with the church until i talked to my like only friend at church, Bella. She is our pastor's daughter, and probably the only one i cna talk to at church cause i have no friends at church except for adults. Anyways, i'm none too happy that pretty much everyone in the youth group is at odds, and it's me and Bella against the rest. So we are only getting 3 rooms, 1 for all the boys, and 2 for the girls. which sucks, cause if they all don't wanna be in one room, they will have to share with me and Bella and our girl leader. And i don't think i'll feel comfortable worshiping with everyone cause i just don't feel comfortable around them! Like if i'm not comfortable, i ain't doing anything.

So what I'd rather be doing this weekend is going to the ranch and helping out, they probably give me a better Christian environment than the kids at my youth group. I would've been riding Gizmo :) but not, im stuck tolerating people i disprove of.

Well trying to pack my suitcase right now, i have no clue what to bring because the weather is being wacky ... it's supposed to be hot today, but its pretty chilly... its 13* C right now, and its supposed to be a high of 21*C, but there's no sun out right now. The weekend is supposed to be pretty hot when i checked the weather reports : Saturday is supposed to be a high of 29*C, and Sunday is supposed to be roughly the same. I'll probably pack short shorts (not the slutty variety :P ) and some t-shirts cause you can never go wrong with those, and a couple of different thickness of sweaters. I will most likely have the largest suitcase, as i have issues with packing cause i always pack for ANYTHING. like if something happens i will be prepared. I have always been that way with packing. I can't take just enough, cause i always need something that i forgot if i do that. Anyway, i got to get back to work, so i'll give you an overview of the weekend on monday ! HAPPY LONG WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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