Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Random stuff as i am bored :P

So this weekend is Overflow! I'm so excited ! but i'm missing out of going to the ranch this weekend because of it so I'm upset. I really Really REALLY wanna go to the ranch and see Gizzie :) anywho just found this pic that is so funny :)

OH YOU KNOW YOU SANG IT > :P im so bored and tired right now it's kinda funny :P

Well in english today at school, i was acting like a total crazy, and totally bugging my friend Elissa, (sorry bro) :P, and flirting with the guy who sits beside me, and i think i like him ;) tell you guys about that another time.

AND THEN: i saw this Picture and i totally agree with it. Everyone always tells me my dreams aren't gonna happen. I FREAKEN LOVE LOVE Lov e LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVVVVEEEE HORSES. I just can't get enough of them. I like can't get enough of them. My room has quite a few horse posters, and horse paintings that I've done...

I would love to be a perfessional horse groom, or barn manager, or just whatever job i can get around horses. I actually volunteer alot of my time to either help my friend doing her horses braids, (im not braiding but now i can do a wicked tail braid ;) and I'm trying to perfect my mane braids as well. She is also teaching me some things in return, as she lets me photograph her riding lessons, and teaches me some english things as i was originally taught western riding by Rocky Ridge Ranch where i volunteer.
(Link to RRR -

But yah, my mom says don't go for the groom/braider jobs because they will make you wake up early, and probably not that good of paycheck yada yada, but If I'm happy where I'm working, DOES IT REALLY MATTER?!? but yah :)  just wanted to say that :)

LIVE BY THIS MOTTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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