Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sorry about all the ranting :S

Yah, it seems i like to rant a lot on this blog. So if you don't like it, go check out my pictures on my other blog, .

So I think i might start having to bring a camera with my on my morning walks to school, because when i walk to school at 7:25 almost every morning now, there is dew, and the sun will shine and it highlights the grass quite nicely :) I'm just to chicken to not care what other people think so i probably won't ;).

any-who I've had a lot of tests this week, Math, French, and English so I'm quite anxious to get my marks back :) i know i did well on English, but math and french i'm kinda of worried. So my mom wouldn't let me go to the barn with my friend, so i couldn't take any photos, and i couldn't go tonight because it is her mother's B-day ! so yah, i'm probably going to chill tonight, read my book "city of ashes" and call it a night early or have a shower. any-who farewell ! :)

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