Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cleaning day!

I had an AMAZING WEEKEND this week. I hung out with like 5 of my friends, and had a sleepover with another. I also went and saw "the Lucky One" with a friend and nearly cried. It is a really good movie and i suggest you should go watch it :) .

Right now me, my mom, and my little sister are all cleaning, and doing yard-work. I was just taking a  rest from cleaning the kitchen, while my mom is mowing the lawns. I cleaned my room, and Thursday i cleaned the family room too. So now I'm trying to finish cleaning the kitchen and living room before my dad gets home.

I AM LAUGHING RIGHT NOW: because as I'm typing, im listening to my mother run over rocks with the lawn mower. (That's how she BROKE THE LAST ONE) What a silly mother :P  Here's our pond in our backyard looking lovely. The waterfall isn't working right now so all we have is the fountain thingy.

Well i have piano on Monday, so hopefully that goes well, I'm going to order some grooming supplies from "Greenhawk Equestrian supplies" (because i need/want really badly to learn how to do hunter braids, and pinwheels, and other things, because i need to make some money somehow. )I'll probably order everything, because almost all items at Greenhawk are on sale, so i could get a Dandy brush for 4$ or a hoof pick for 1$ so I'm pretty siked. I also am probably going to hang out with my horse friend, Emma and practice my hunter braids on her pony. I've got some assignments due as well, also maybe some tests. I will post new PHOTOS on my other blog, "Flying High Photography" quite soon. 

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