Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Walking home stories...

Story #1 - Guy gets 'shocked'

Well, today, after I had walked to my friends house to drops off some notes, I start walking the rest of the way to my house later on. As I'm walking up the hill with a bridge over the train tracks, i notice a man walking his dog. They were walking near a electrical pole, no big deal right? The man just steps over a bit to his right, and suddenly he jumps up, and flails his arms. He didn't scream or anything, but then he yanks his dog, and his dog goes over the same spot he did. (I was still walking, and checking to make sure he was alright) The dog also does a little jump over the spot. The guy and the dog stepped back aways.. I look where they had been shocked, and there was a green electrical wire running down the side of the pole, but it wasn't tied into the ground. the end was sticking up and lying on the ground. As i was coming closer to it, i made sure i stayed quite a ways away from it, cause i was afraid I might get shocked as well. The guy looked a little startled, but i think he's ok.

MY Thoughts...
But the question i can't get out of my mind is why would that wire not be tied to the ground? They have been doing some construction on the tracks and might be adding new ones, but i don't think they would change the electrical wires for that. Maybe it just broke but I don't really know. I think I'll get my mom to call it in to the town or whatever, so that it doesn't happen again. It's funny, you see this stuff happen on television and you think its not truly realistic, but it is. I remember reading in the Toronto Star, that a couple of people in Toronto with their dogs got electrocuted by some underground wires leaking because they weren't hooked up properly. I would find it quite interesting to find out how many times this happens to people. I've seen wires personally that haven't been put in properly, or the outside has been damaged. Shouldn't these things be fixed before stuff like this guy getting shocked be prevented? I know I'm young but if that would have been me in the guy's place, i would have FLIPPED OUT. If he would have been hurt, I don't know, I'd be so scared.
Well that's my scare for the day.

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