Monday, 9 April 2012

I officially hate dentists... but my skin is flawless!

~Warning ~ RANT ALERT :P

Well... it turns out i have two cavities... wooopy. I have NEVER had a cavity before and now i have two cavities, and a broken wire in my mouth because the stupid dentist was cleaning my teeth improperly. The lady was picking the plaque off of my teeth and she wasn't even trying to be careful around the wire on the back of my front teeth on the top and bottom. She ended up pulling one side of it right out of the cement glue, and afterwards was like "oh ya, the wire's loose, you should get it fixed" OH I wanted to scream at her, because i already knew it was loose. I just ran my tongue around my mouth, and i just cut the underside on the wire. I am so unimpressed. I told my mom, and she asked me what the lady looked like. I explained to her and she said that that lady had done something like that to her to. Now she refuses to let her touch her teeth. SAME HERE MOM!

So ya, sorry for that rant but It's not at all fair if somebody totally wrecks the wire that would've lasted another week or two if she hadn't of played with it.

 well I did something i haven't done in a while, i wore no makeup today at all. All i wore was a pair of earrings because i never leave the house without any bling. It felt nice wearing no makeup and it makes me feel a bit free. It also helps because it lets the pores breath a bit, instead of being all clogged up in foundation and eye shadows and concealers. But my frowns and scowls from being pissed off that I had cavities probably made me a bit ugly. I even made an old person raise his eyebrows at me because i looked so mad. See, that's a problem i have. I have major madness management issues. I've maybe put a hole in a wall or two, or sprained my wrist, but not from hurting somebody, just myself. It makes it easier to get rid of the anger, Instead of screaming. It gets the heat out, even if i have to bang my fist against my loft bed a few times, and even if it hurts. But when I'm really upset, which has only happened twice, i put a remote through a wall, and the second time, my fist. BUT AFTERWARDS I TOTALLY REGRETTED IT. Because now i will have to live with that hole in the bathroom wall near the door for a while until it gets fixed.

well i have to print off some assignments now, and go post some Photos on my other blog. :) Don't worry, just for you guys I'll refrain from more holes in the walls.

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