Sunday, 22 April 2012

Getting a guitar!

One of my adult friends at church was getting rid of a guitar. She asked my friend Bella first, and because Bella already has a baby Taylor, she turned down the offer. So she asked me, because one time i said that i always wanted to learn to play the guitar. So i am officially going to have my own guitar! :) I'm so excited ! It'll be another instrument that i will learn, but i wont take lessons. I'll just teach myself, because I'm already taking piano lessons once a week, and I try to practice for at least a couple hours a week already for piano, as I play Grade 8 classical piano (not like keyboarding like people in bands, stuff like Beethoven, and Bach)

I will post a picture of my new guitar when I get it, and a picture of my Piano, as I love it dearly. It is an old piano, but with a unique sound to it. (it is in tune) But it has a deep rich quality of sound to it. 

I will have a couple of tests to study for this week so i may not be posting much this week. 

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