Friday, 13 April 2012

Volunteer time!

Guess where I'm going this weekend!
Oh my goodness I'm so happy because I get to see Gizmo, my most favorite pony/horse in the worldJ. I'd describe him as a 'Fat' or almost 'pit -pony' type build, and he has huge hindquarters, and short stocky legs, and a short neck but large head. He is still being taught regular horse manners, like when I lead him around on the ground to the trough that he listens to my commands, instead of keep walking and dragging me along. Or like when I’m riding him, he has a funny habit of RUNNING OVER PYLONS! It’s so embarrassing when he does that too, because the instructor is telling the campers to do things, and then theirs me, a staff member, not able to get her horse to cooperate.

Oh, another funny habit he has, (partially not a habit, but he created it a habit.) is that whenever I get on him, and start heading down to the arena, he starts reaching his head down and coughing. At first I found it hilarious, because he…. he farts sometimes while he is coughing. Yes, horses do and can fart. Now, me and Bill (the barn manager, instructor) both think he does that to try to get out of working, and while he coughs, he will slow down to the slowest walk imaginable, it’s like slow motion. Even the slowest horse we have had to pass us sometimes.

But overall, I LOVE that pony to death. He’s a good ‘bad’ for me. I’ve learned so much from riding him. If I’d just been given, or chosen an easy horse that I know how to ride, I wouldn’t have learned how to control a horse as well as I can now. I’m not saying I’m the best rider, and i know I have A LOT more to learn. But as I keep riding Gizmo, I can say he is improving his skills, and so am IJ.
Me on Gizmo :)
Gizzie's lovely face, he can pick out a camera anywhere; and He'll always look right at it.

Gizzie in a field with his buddies!

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