Thursday, 19 April 2012

My and Lil' Sisters B-day Party at the Ranch

So yesterday, April 18th, me and my little sister had a shared B-day party. My little sister and her friends came later, because their school ends later than our school. So me and my friends got changed at school and went straight away to the ranch.

We went in the corral first, (well after Bill explained everything to my friends what we were doing, ) and then after that refreshing of how to ride your horse, we went out onto a nice long trail. We didn't see any deer, but it was a really fun time :) I almost never go horse back-riding with my friends, so it was a nice treat. ALSO because it was such an amazingly beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky yet, it wasn't hot :)

Here are some pictures of me and my friends having some fun !
Me on Gizmo :)

If your wondering what he's doing, i dont really know... i think he's pooping, but he might be doing his coughing, and tooting thingy again ;)

My friends Elissa on Storm (left), and Kristina on Ripper (right), Ripper is somewhat famous at the Ranch, because he's been featured at a music video filmed at Rocky Ridge Ranch, called 'Fly Robin' by Amy Savin. (GO CHECK IT OUT!)

Elissa on Storm again 
Emma on Saige :) she's cheating a bit here and riding Saige English not western because Saige can do both.

Me on Gizzie again.

As you can see from this picture, Gizmo is not a purebred :P He's a funny looking one, but cute nonetheless.

Sophia on Echo

This is Bill on Moira

All of us coming back from the trail ride.

heading back to the barn.


Us all fooling around in our cowboy hats :)

Us trying, and failing to do the can-can properly :)

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